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tv   [untitled]    May 15, 2014 3:00am-3:31am PDT

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different angles and the light which creates a difficult situation for those that have to drive by it and the cable car and a lot of people walk by so if there was a park it would make possible for all the residents and tourists to just walk down to chest nut and hyde walk to the park rest a little bit and enjoy the views and take as many pictures as they wish because it would be so easy and the community has is shown mr. gerard mentioned is shown the interest and support for pledging the money for not only the building of the park but maintenance of the park and any additional things they need in the future to make it the best park in this particular region thank you very much. >> thank you very much for being here today.
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>> >> selena, aw. >> i think this park would benefit multiple communities not only russian hill but the chinatown communities and i know from i know the park would be very critical and would be an appeal to many families to have one in the city and in addition to that as a mom of two kids we're also very excited and very much welcome this park in this neighborhood. it will put the statement -- if friends come to visit from all around the world as well as our
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daily life. >> thank you. i have one last speaker card. if anyone cares to speak please submit a card. >> good afternoon. >> i'm a student here at san francisco state university and i'm a big supporter of parks and public spaces especially in this city and i believe the south side, the area where the area is we have lombard street and 2 major tourist attractions and i think it's a really beautiful and scene ic place and the benefits of the park will not be felt among the community but also the local economy we can give them to marvel at and
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if you have ever been there and if you can see the golden gate from there it's truly a marvel o u.s. site and it will help the city of san francisco itself thank you. >> thank you very much for being here today. is there any further public comment on items to be discussed in closed session? from commissioner torres. >> i come from los angeles and i regret every day -- i'm a giant's 's fan now though. i come from los angeles and the plan ers of los angeles really didn't take into account neighborhood space and green space so when i moved up here in 1996 i looked in this neighborhood and almost bought a home in the area because it was so beautiful and the fact that this community wants to establish a park there i think
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would be a marvel o u.s. idea it would bring so many cultures together and i go to my favorite restaurant there where mayor frank jordan and his wife recommended in 1996 so i often see people lying on their backs on lombard wondering if they will survive but i want to thank the people who testified today i support your efforts as a former angelino. >> if there's no further public comment i'll entertain a motion whether or not to assert the attorney client privilege it's been moved and seconded. >> is there any conversation. >> is there any conversation. >> hearing none please signify
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from coast to coast, cops are cracking down... on seat belt violations. buckle up, dand night, or expect a ticket. it doesn't matter who you are or where you live, they'll be on the lookout. cops write tickets to save lives. ( seat belt clicks ) click it or ticket. and welcome to bike to work today, i'm rita i'm your executive director find san francisco bicycle coalition i'm thailand to wish you happy anniversary the 20th anniversary and what a long way we've come how many people have been biking many the city for 10 years. you you know how much our city
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has changed and the biking has changed our city for for the better i want to share a few examples i remember personally biking here two years ago i was left hand lane i was one of the few women out there biking hold on one second (sirens). i'm not left hand lane biking in san francisco anyway those of us biking make up 2/3rd's of the biking on market street in has a valley and the lower hate more than 10 percent of traffic on our streets 0 o is biking we see
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literally thousands of people ridding literally as for bike to work. 20 years ago biking honestly was an afterthought in our transportation system today, the city leaders know it's important to keep san francisco healthy just last week we've launched the bike to work program and special thanks to bart that lifted it's blackout on bikes altogether last year. we see employers really recognizing the value of biking their prior tisz inside biking for their staff and the off-street parking be replaced by bart corals and their 0 no dummies it make sense because
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people biking and walking and taking transit spend more at local businesses then people driving we can't have better timing unvivid lecture with the best thing for bike on polk street green bike lanes leading to the city hall steps to buffalo designed physically separated with wonderful curb bulk outs and green and you wonderful plants in the medium polk street is a game-changer this is the future. congratulation on polk street everybody (clapping) and those changes polk street and market street and bart lift and bike share those changes are pga off already, we've seen the
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near doubling of bike trips that means that the cities investment is is making it more affordable in san francisco for everyone 90 in every neighborhood. we have a host of leaders and community leaders that are hard working. they know that biking is a key part to making sure our city can grow in an affordable way. our first speaker i'm hoernd or honored to have ridden with mayor ed lee rode from the glen parkway and we're thrilled to ride with them i'm excited he's going to talk about the change in the city and constituent to going forward to a better bike to work in san francisco >> mayor ed lee. >> thank you leann happy 20th
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(clapping) well, i'm thrilled to join the supervisors and the mta and public works and fire and explained we're altogether that rode in today to work that's an jooshl enjoyable day twooths we were with we were structurally with the first lanes and here we are now 96 percent in bike ridership in the last year and the roads are changing we're trying to get traffic to slow down and that will make safety even better for everybody and i look forward to that but this morning was an incredible ride i rode from glen park my neighborhood (clapping) and going down san jose boulevard we're going to get
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that down redone supervisor wiener because i had to learn what posting was all about we're going to make that sxhoorth asker and some of the people many the cars i see sometimes, i get jealousy i think cars people in them want a better lifestyle and the bike ridership and the walkability of the city my slowing down traffic and making it safer for people on the streets that the quality of life we all wish for in the city and that's why the supervisors and our office is hard working with mta to investment invest and in october we have a huge opportunity the $500 million bond all goes to safer and
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sufficient streets will you join us in that movement (clapping.) we need efrnlz corporation it's not easy to say yes, it's easier to see no, but we want our city better if there is any accountability reason the best is the reason for the kids they deserve a better city. thank you, everybody happy anniversary and thank you to the bicycle coalition (clapping.) thanks mayor ed lee we look forward to working with you no november to make sure we have the resources in the city this is not an anomaly so the great experience from market street to city hall is though the an anomalously it's the standard connecting the bay area and the excelsior and hate valley and everything else neighborhood in san francisco we've got to the
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support from the board of supervisors today we've had commuter conveys we're thrilled to have 8 of the board of supervisors are here we've asked them to come up and reflect on what has changed in the city despite they started 20 are years ago and to kick you will i us off i want to welcome supervisor jane kim in districts 6 >> thank you to the bike coalition for organizing 20 years of bike to work day. (clapping.) >> so i was asked to reflect on the last 20 years i have to say a little bit over 15 years ago i moved here from another major city where i learned to drive sea bike so i felt the pressure
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here to learn how to drive a car but nobody told me to look into the rearview mirror no one told me to lublt for bikers i come here on a bike and my fingertips in the bike coalition i think some of them are here said you need to ride a bike so they put me on the bike in one of the san francisco play yards i took off the who's also and the following year i didn't lead it i followed the contestant of all female bikers in 2012 and last year, i finally biked by myself to work and i'm proud to be able to do
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that. representing that district that sooshgd many of the city i see the congestion and all the impact of the population growth and if we continue to grow and become a more dense city people have to get out of their cars there's no way to grow in a city and not only to make it necessary over 50 of our carbon people are drooichg their cars we think about urban planning it is important to grow smart we have to figure out 0 how to get people out of their cars that's my goal in my district that's important to the residents i represent and 20 years is too
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long this is where what i want to see up and down polk street and up and down fulsome and golden gate folks like me are not going to get out of their cars by in 20 years vindication zero fatalities no one should die because they're going to work on their bike or walking to work so we have to fight for revenue. we have potential measures we've got to make sure they pass in 2014 but we have to continue to fight and i'll be there with all of you thank you (clapping.) >> thank you supervisor kim for your leadership we couldn't have a stronger advocate. i'm glad to recognize my
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supervisor supervisor campos >> thank you, everyone it was a beautiful ride through the mission and go past the mayors contestant i think people felt fried in that chief of police was they're talking about the diversity of the people that are biking in places like the mission that are people from all walks of life that make biking a part of their lives and i'm proud but i want to provide context it is sad though that 20 years later we still s have a number of fatalities in san francisco. so what i would like to see it precisely with supervisor kim talked about that we have zero
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fatalities on the streets of san francisco. and i think that has to come from city hall being leading the way and making the investment and so i'd like to see more immediately is complete one hundred percentage furlgd u funding for vision zero in our budget in city hall we've not only talked about vision zero but put the money to go into it and i think that we have an opportunity with this bunt coming up to make that happen and if we make the right investment we'll see the fruits of the investment thank you very much happy bike to work. thank you supervisor campos i'm proud to invite of supervisor wiener >> happy bike to work everyone
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so we gather here all the elected officials and department heads we talk about what's going to happen to make the city street safer for walking and biking but, you know, it's not about the words that everyone says that's about the actions and the actions are really, really hard sometimes, it's up to you and the residents of the city to hold all of us elected leaders accountabilityable but doing the hard things. you you know the mayor rode up on his avenue and anyone that goes northbound it's a disaster for paragraph and biking we're going to be making go changes it took us years to get through the process it's what way, way too
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hard in terms of the bureaucratic process to make our streets safer it's politically hard we need to push and get it done (clapping) and we also know in coming here today, i see everyday on bike to work that's not changing there were a whole bunch of double-parked cars i'd like tell you we've been trying to work on this the police department and other agencies need to stop this we have to stop do you only parker that's terrible for that muni and this is what people are doing. i want to say we've got to get the vehicle license fee passed for road resurfacing there's
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still way too many streets that are rough and dangerous and if we pass this we'll have permanent sustainable funding to happy bike to work everyone (clapping.) >> thank you supervisor wiener our next speaker is someone who's no stranger supervisor chiu. >> good morning any cyclists in the house today thank you very much for being here. 18 years ago i've been biking to work for much of the years in the 19th street 90s it was left hand lane on the streets i don't feel so alone i want to thank you for moving the city forward and i'm going to be brief we have to come together in
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november in 2009 i proposed as a city we move forward with the vehicle license fee i had 9 of us who wanted to put that on the ballot but the public wasn't ready we have to get this done this year director reiskin said we have thousands of dollars to get together but we have to come together from all corners of the city i want to welcome the final constituent thank you supervisor chiu and supervisor kim happy 20th >> thank you supervisor chiu i'm happy to welcome supervisor breed from district 5. >> good morning, everyone. how many of you biked to work?
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biking the wiggle is because of edward reiskin we got the bike lanes put in ahead of schedule now we'll get polk street the ability to come from market street it was an amazing ride i'm happy to be a member of the board of supervisors where we xhvnlly advocate to make our streets safer for not only cyclists but pedestrians we have to participate to make sure we're watching each other's back and we're watching out for safety and holding people account it is is a joint effort we'll do everything we can and, yes supervisor wiener said it is hard but we'll prepared we're all in shape and walking the to work and doing everything we can so we can make the changes
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necessary to make i safe on the streets thank you very much for being here today (clapping.) thank you supervisor breed we're thrilled to have our support i want to welcome up from district one supervisor mar. >> thank you leah good morning everyone i want to say i want to have apple apple for daniel silverman we've had other leaders but thank you very much for the bike coalition one thing we did in the richmond we came up to polk street but improvements like this are needed throughout the city and mayor ed lee has strong support we need to increase the funding
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for bikes lastly i was a student at the uc davis and as what we look at another city and counties cities our city can't be left behind whether the mta or other agency we need to make sure it's a biking city for everyone thank you. >> (clapping) >> thank you supervisor mar. >> i'm thrived next to bring up our supervisor from district 10 yesterday we're honored that the bierlg coalition joined by mr. levy restoring more than 40 bicycles we'll be giving out in the bayview hunters point so welcome supervisor cowen. >> good morning and happy bike to work we had an opportunity to continue to build and bring more
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bikers here it's critical we give a lot of rest and conversation insuring that the bike community is as difference as any community we're not only providing survivalist pamphlets in english but spanish as well as chinese to reach every member of the community and for i that live on the southeast part of the city it's been a challenge to connect the city the thing call the hairball i'm committed and we're going to fix that hairball. are we've got new bike lanes on bay shore and will get the railroad tracks over the boulevard and the southernmost
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part of the city make sure we're singing about biking being safe and it's imperfect of the well-being of the desire city in november we've heard about the vehicle license fee but don't forget to about the other development for our infrastructure. we must do this thank you very much (clapping.) thank you supervisor cowen. sound like you had a productive ride he lets get rid of the hairball make sure we give that up from district 4 katie tang (clapping.) hello everything first of all, a shout out to the group from district 4 and carman